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Preventing Automatic Update Reboot on Windows 8

As far as operating systems go, I really dig Windows 8. The only thing is this; the most terrifying screen ever known to man:

This will be the fastest 10-15 minutes of your LIFE. What feels like only moments later (and very likely before you've had time to save),…

15 months ago

Technological "Learned Helplessness"

Helpless. When it comes to computers or technology, that one word describes more people than would ever admit to it. In my experience, this applies to almost all corners of technology be it product development for a public audience, private in-shop development, or a mix of both.

I've taken part…

17 months ago

Happy Anniversary!

Still Smilin'.

On March 1, my parents celebrate their 60th anniversary. For both of them, it's hard to believe that 60 years have gone by or that they're nearly old enough for 60 years to have gone by.

Married in the wee hours of the night (before Dave's overseas…

18 months ago

Where does a Surface Pro fit in

On 9 February, Microsoft finally let loose with the Surface Pro.

My holdout for a Surface device wasn't the 'legacy' Windows 8 desktop support, but for the awesome 1920x1080 resolution, additional hardware umph, and the mini displayport. Those features really sealed the deal for me—or at least originally.…

18 months ago

Large Scale Project Management with Tracky

Over the years, I've experienced several different flavors of project management and management software. Some of those experiences were exciting and made work fun (as fun as work can be) and others were exhausting and extremely difficult to sell to my peers. To a degree, the ability to 'sell' a…

19 months ago

Means to an End

With the Christmas holiday passed and New Years coming up, I wanted to take a bit of time and reflect on balancing priorities.

It's been a crazy ride this year--leaving my prior job after nearly 12 years, jumping headfirst into an exciting position with startup Tracky, and the jostling of…

20 months ago

Managing a Blog with Tracky

As I discussed in DOing with Social Media, a recent post on the Tracky blog, the varying flavors of social media have different target audiences and end points.

Tracky helps bridge these gaps by providing a platform for social connectivity, collaboration, and sharing. Tracky is great for the next…

22 months ago

DOing with Social Media

"Social Media Explained" provides a great tongue-in-cheek explanation of the communication options available to us--a list that is growing each day. Each of these services provide an amazing stage communication and interactivity with varying audiences and reaches; however, they focus on the message, not the action.

That's where Tracky shines.…

23 months ago

Moving to

I'm finally taking the time to replace the domain redirect and house my blog, prototype site, and other fun toys over at

This WordPress blog will remain for link joy and the information it contains (rather than export/import madness).

Stop by, say hi, and look forward to new posts…

23 months ago

Setting it up...

While I build things out, I'm going to do a bit of chronicling. It's also to have a decent length blog post to test formatting, layout, and such. Might as well be multi-purpose and ... well, sorta useful.

As you can probably see, I decided to use Orchard CMS…

23 months ago

Blogging Again...

Well, back to blogging! I've had a huge list of things I've wanted to blog, but I wanted to get things migrated away from WordPress before I dug into the articles.

In the next few weeks, I hope to get this site designed (with more than the standard Bootstrap UX)…

23 months ago

New Adventures Await with @Tracky!

After over a decade with the Wichita Public Schools, I'm starting a new adventure with fantastic folks at Tracky. I'm looking forward to the journey and opportunity to work with and learn from a fantastic team.


28 months ago

Mashing CSVs around using PowerShell

Since I spend most of my day in the console, PowerShell also serves as my Excel. So, continuing my recent trend of PowerShell related posts, let's dig into a quick and easy way to parse up CSV files (or most any type of file) by creating objects!

We, of…

30 months ago

The Post-Certification Era?

Oh look, starting off with a disclaimer. This should be good.

These are patterns I’ve noticed in **our** organization over the past ten years–ranging from hardware to software to development technical staff. These are my observations, experiences with recruiting, and a good dash of my opinions. I’m certain there…

30 months ago