Programming is a part-time job... really!

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It's possible to be programming constantly – but is it productive? The case for taking breaks to increase your productivity.

This is a fantastic bit of insight into how employees at Buffer handle the constant pressure of all-night coding sessions and constant crunch time.

For myself, I find that without my 'non-tech' time--doodling on whiteboards, pondering about new ventures and ideas... it's more than just "typing" all day to be a good application architect.

In this article, the author had the advantage to constantly changing their environment to keep the creative juices flowing. That's great in practice, but hard to apply to office workers or even work-at-homers who don't have bars scattered around town. Personally, a good alternative for me is loosly following the Pomodoro technique and keep taking mental refresh breaks, get up, move around, and keep your mind (and body) active.

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