Why does a startup need to feel "enterprise"?

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Do startups really need to follow the lead of age old enterprises with top heavy management structures and oversight?

With small, agile teams, tight deadlines, and a constantly changing goal (depending on the frequency of pivots and changes to technology), why should a startup follow the flow of "enterprise" with heavy handed management structures? In short, it shouldn't.

Check out Cristian Rennella's latest post on how he and study partner Hernán Amiune created Project eMT and how their startup doesn't follow the traditional rules of order and operations.

Here's the gist:

No bosses - why do developers need non-developers telling them what to do? While Cristian's point is less about actual oversight and more about meetings, I agree that there is a timesink/waste involved when unnecessary oversight is involved. I believe, however, some of this depends on the scope of the organization, the task(s) assigned, and the guidance of the overall company.

Single task/goal--self management (and internal confab) is all that should be necessary.

Large or multiple tasks/goals--I do believe that some sort of leader is necessary at this point to keep from getitng burried in the details and ensuring everyone's on the right track. It's much harder for a disparate team to see the big picture when they're each only focused on their piece of the puzzle.

No office - why waste time commuting and sitting at little desks when we have such amazing communication technology available to us? Use the extra non-working time regained by being near family and friends to connect with those people.

Four-day work week - focus on quality of time at work rather than quantity. To me, this is revolutionary. I know that my quality goes down significantly when I start reaching 60+ hours a week. Between customer engagements, meetings (*cough*), and day-to-day operations, startup life is rough on one's family and sleep schedules. I like the focus and making it company policy that people will, essentually, be well rested and ready to give it their all ... at all times.

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