The 12 Best Free Photoshop Plugins for Designers

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There are thousands of Photoshop plugins out there -- these are the best free ones that will help designers work faster and more efficiently.


There are thousands of plugins to choose from, but many are outdated and no longer work with updated versions of Photoshop. We've collected the best free plugins you can download, install and start using right away.

We focus on a variety of free plugins best suited to web and graphic design, to help you work faster and more productively. The plugins can help with a range of functions, including layer control, exporting assets, icon exploration, guides and fonts.


After tinkering around with a few of these, as a web developer, I really dig #3 (Cut&Slice Me) and #9 (WebFont -- if you're working on a project you can't use TypeKit on). I'll spend more time with the others though. Any favorites of your own?

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