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When you create a painting, you start with an inspiration and sketch it on paper. You then prepare your oils, brushes, and canvas, and you refine the painting until it’s just right. I follow a similar process with generative art.

Looking for a bit of right-brain/left-brain art?  How about painting with code and algorithms? 


Algorithm as Art

Computer graphics are based on mathematics, so when I paint with code, I am exploring and visualizing the beauty of structure, abstraction, and complexity in mathematics that most of us don’t get to see in our daily lives. It often happens that when I play with a new algorithm and see the images it generates, I’m inspired to develop them into artwork, as was the case with Tsunami. The inspiration for this series came while playing with an algorithm named Cornu Curve, which generates a fantastic visual effect of crazy waves. From the same code, I made six different images using a combination of a hundred curves in varying opacities and shades of blue.

Check out some of Hailei Wang’s amazing creations:

The All Seeing Eye:


For more of his designs and an explanation of how he created these amazing pieces of art, check out his original blog post below.

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