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What if famous authors, such as Hemingway, Borges, and Carroll, were writing code comments and javascript for your applications? How might that code look?

Author and JavaScript developer Angus Croll took a trip down that rabbit hole in his book, If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript.


I wrote a book called If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript in which I imagine 25 famous novelists, poets and playwrights solving simple problems in JavaScript. It’s part homage to my favorite writers and part love letter to JavaScript, the only language I know with enough freedom, creative potential and downright quirkiness to pique the interest of the literary greats.

This post contains original material that’s not in the book (think of it as one of those “behind the scenes” bonus features). It’s the first in a series of deep technical dives into each author’s solution. Some solutions require more explanation than others.

  • Jorge Luis Borges
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Douglas Adams
  • Charles Dickens
  • David Foster Wallace

In Angus’ current post, he walks through the code examples for several of his authors with examples on github. Learn a bit of JavaScript and get some laughs at the same time.

Haven’t read the book? It’s a great read; pick it up today at Amazon:

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