1 minute read

I’ve noticed that windows (Office especially) lags horribly when you drag them around the screen for the past few months. There had to be a fix!

For months, I’ve tolerated the fact that dragging Windows around in Windows 10 was a bit buggy and lagged.

4 minute read

Right now, there’s several Chromebooks that support running the Google Play Store and Android apps natively. Interested? It’s an easy setup!

I recently acquired an HP Chromebook 11 G5 and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. I already had an ASUS C201PA that I use for almost everything around the house (it’s my mostly kitchen recipe device).

A few months ago, I remembered reading that newer versions of Chrome OS supported Android apps natively, so I decided to dig into that and see what it required.

3 minute read

Since I spend most of my day in the console| PowerShell also serves as my Excel. So| continuing my recent trend of PowerShell related posts| let’s dig into a quick and easy way to parse up CSV files (or most any type of file) by creating objects!

2 minute read

With how mobile we are today with our computers–a work computer, a home computer, laptops, etc.–I found that there are common settings I want to sync across platforms. Here’s how to do it with a bit of PowerShell and a cloud storage provider.