Entrepreneur, Enterprise Developer

I focus on the people involved with technology and technology's role within the enterprise; not as a replacement for individuals, but as a tool to empower users, build relationships, and drive business strategy. I walk in both the business and the technology world and help organizations build technology strategies that include product, marketing, content, and community.

As a technologist and application architect, my passion lies in working with teams to design right-sized solutions for projects of all sizes and keeping an eye towards process improvement, agile development, and professionalism.

Over the past 20 years, I've designed and implemented Microsoft-based (.NET) web technologies and developed custom solutions for a wide variety of organizations.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Passionate about planning and building right-sized solutions with an eye towards human interaction, process improvement, iterative development, and professionalism.
  • 15 years of practical C# and .NET experience building object-oriented web applications, automation tools, and framework libraries. 20 years development and system integration experience.
  • Masters of Business Administration and Bachelors of Management Science from Baker University (Baldwin City, Kansas); Summa Cum Laude graduate in both programs.
  • Committed to constant learning and the improvement of myself and those around me in aspects of business, management, and development.


Professional Experience

remBrand Sports, Inc. o/a VIKTRE, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
June 2015 - Present

Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief architect and developer of the VIKTRE collaboration and publishing platforms as well as integrations with product acquisitions and subsidiaries.
  • Focused on technology, financial, and content roadmaps for all aspects of the organization's international operations.
    • For the VIKTRE fan engagement platforms--helping athletes connect and engage with fans and share revenue opportunities with VIKTRE.
    • For the VIKTRE athlete community platforms--helping athletes connect with peers, mentors, sponsorships, and charities across the globe in a secure ecosystem.
  • Research and development with a focus on sports entertainment, fan acquisition and engagement, and bleeding edge technology features to drive adoption for sports fans and enthuasists in every major market in the world.

Tracky, Inc., Las Vegas, NV/Wichita, KS
May 2012 – Present

Vice President, Development

  • Senior developer and architect overseeing all development and technology consultancy projects for the organization.
  • Development focused on building responsive web applications (front-end and back-end) based on the .net technology stack, JavaScript, and the latest HTML5 standards. Creative work with bleeding edge libraries and UI/UX techniques.
  • Focused on building technology and business relationships with technology partners, contractors, and customers.
  • Currently leading and mentoring a mixed skill team of contractors, internal staff, and interns working across 8-10 concurrent projects for internal use and Tracky customers.


Wichita Public Schools, Wichita, KS
Aug 2001 – May 2012

Information Architect, Student Achievement

  • Responsible for all web architecture direction and implementations at an enterprise level.
  • Strategic architect and developer of an enterprise-wide incident tracking and reporting system to allow better visibility and training opportunities within the district.
  • Extensive research and development integrating applications into the classroom workflow, specifically at the elementary and early childhood levels.
  • Key architect and developer of grading and reporting applications for PreK to grade 5, approx. 25,000 students and 5,000 teachers. Process improvement reduced grade returns to same-day and saved the district over 500,000$US per year.
  • Strategic partner for planning for future needs for back office, core business (K-12 classroom/education), and public consumer customers.


ActiveMatrix Solutions, Rose Hill, KS
Mar 1999 - Dec 2001


  • Provided technology consulting services in and around the Wichita, KS metro area.
  • Focused on technology migration and implementation planning, web development, LAN/WAN networking, and customized training (classroom and individual) with a small, diverse team.
  • Active member in the Rose Hill and Wichita Chambers of Commerce and local community organizations.


Aero-Mach Labs, Inc., Wichita, KS
May 1997 - Dec 2000

Information Services

  • Experience working with AIX Unix servers, WYSE terminals, and multi-operating system networks.
  • Experience developing SMB applications with Delphi (for Windows) and C/C programming languages (in a *NIX environment).


Magic Technologies, Inc., Wichita, KS
Apr 1994 - Feb 1999


  • Computer consulting focused on custom hardware and software solutions for home and small businesses in the Midwestern United States.
  • Partner with Microsoft Corp. during Windows 98 rollout, working with local and national press agencies for implementation guidance and publicity.
  • Active member in the Wichita Chamber of Commerce and local community organizations.



Baker University, Wichita, KS
2006 - 2007

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude.
  • Research focusing on human computer interaction (HCI) and using technology as a means of process improvement while maintaining and refocusing staff and team members.


Baker University, Wichita, KS
2004 - 2005

Bachelors of Management Science

  • Graduated with honors, Summa Cum Laude.
  • In the 99th percentile for outgoing comprehensive exam (highest score in graduating class and historically).
  • Research focused on applying “corporate style” change management and process improvement techniques in non-traditional environments (public K-12 education).


Butler County Community College, El Dorado, KS
1999 - 2001

International Business

  • Dean’s Honors for academic excellence.
  • Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors society.
  • Research focused on business law and international policy related to technology and communications.



Method and Apparatus for Distributing and Correlating Collaborative Communications 

Patent #US 61/723,200


Recent Publications and Speaking Engagements

Cloud4SMB, August 26, 2013

Session: Cloud Migration Strategies for Startups and SMB

Discussion, case study, and panel to present how Tracky migrated from a traditional self-managed rack infrastructure to a full cloud-based, virtualized environment with CloudSigma. Topics included cost analysis, security, virtualization technologies, and implementation best practices.

Follow-up articles and interviews:

The Importance of Flexibility in Cloud Migration by Rich Steeves (TMCnet Managing Editor) 

SSDs Transform Cloud Economics by Mike Vizard (Independent IT Blogger)

Tracky Finds Flexible, Cost-Effective Public Cloud with CloudSigma for Social Collaboration Software by BusinessWire (General PR)