2 minute read

As part of my migration from my old blogging software to new, I needed a way to snag all of the images. However, the old system stored the images as extension-less numbers, making it tedious to match article slug to image quickly. I pulled down a database extract with photo ID and slug, but needed a way to pull down the images and rename them from /{id} to /{slug}.{proper_extension} accordingly.

Time for some PowerShell.

7 minute read

Hugo is a website framework that I decided to use this past week for a short project and, afterwards, liked it so much I’ve decided to rework this blog with it. Here’s a few of the quick lessons I had as a first-time user.

1 minute read

The use of Agile methods for the delivery of software is become commonplace for individual projects.

As stakeholders demand greater agility and the ability to react to business change, most large-scale software delivery organizations struggle to sustain the benefits of an agile approach, especially when their projects become large and complex.