Successful Agile Teams at Scale

The use of Agile methods for the delivery of software is become commonplace for individual projects.

As stakeholders demand greater agility and the ability to react to business change, most large-scale software delivery organisations struggle to sustain the benefits of an agile approach, especially when their projects become large and complex.

This keynote presentation by Julian Holmes shares the experiences of implementing Agile practices across a number of organisations, for large and complex delivery projects, where project teams are regularly spread over multiple locations, explaining:

- the structuring of large and distributed agile teams
- the practices, techniques and tools available
- the establishment of an organisation-wide Agile culture
- the use of Disciplined Agile Delivery and the Scaled Agile Framework and the benefits that can be realised for the Agile enterprise

This presentation by Julian Holmes was recorded at the IBM RUC 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 24th 2013.

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author photo - David Longnecker by David Longnecker

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