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As we run screaming into the new year, it’s the time of year that most companies are double-checking their roadmaps: comparing it to last year’s Q4 data, seeing what worked and what didn’t, and adjusting course accordingly (see my article about pivots vs. features).

Here’s a few suggestions for your roadmap.

4 minute read

Companies pivot. Startups, more than most.

Pivots are usually good. It’s a reaction to when the current business plan isn’t going… well, according to plan.

They’re Plan B… or C… or D.

But how can you tell the difference between a pivot and when you’re just adding new product offering or feature to your company portfolio?

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What’s the worst part of your job as a team lead or manager? Deadlines? Crazed customers?

Nah, that’s simple stuff!

It’s probably hiring and building a technical team. Figuring out which life experiences equate to which certifications and who best meshes with your team can be really difficult.

Here’s a some tips to simplify all of those comparisons into what, I think, really matters.

1 minute read

The use of Agile methods for the delivery of software is become commonplace for individual projects.

As stakeholders demand greater agility and the ability to react to business change, most large-scale software delivery organizations struggle to sustain the benefits of an agile approach, especially when their projects become large and complex.

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Whether in job searches or on resumes, “DevOps” has become one of the coolest buzzwords to throw around. However, are you using it correctly and does it even matter? According to Wired’s J. Wolfgang Goerlich–it isn’t a job, but DevOps is still important.